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Passing On Wisdom, Inc. is dedicated to utilizing America’s most precious and most untapped resource: its Senior population.  We are passionate about passing on stories, culture, knowledge and experiences, and hope that you find answers here. Please feel free to have a look around, share what you find, and bring your own stories to our table.


We are collecting, posting, and archiving letters of advice and wisdom that are addressed “To: A Future Generation” in the hopes of allowing younger and future generations to learn from those that came before them. 


Posted: 10/9/2012
Contributor: Ms. Carolyn Naylor

Our newest letter is from Ms. Carolyn Naylor. A very simple lesson learned in childhood has been carried with her all these years, and she is excited to have a forum to share it!

Posted: 10/6/2012
Contributor: Mr. Randy Horne

This letter comes to us from Mr. Randy Horne. Thank you, Mr. Horne, for your kindness and compassion for strangers – we could all stand to learn a little something from it!

Posted: 10/2/2012
Contributor: Ms. Carol Sartain

We are so happy to feature our very first published letter by Ms. Carol Sartain!  Thank you, Ms. Sartain, for your wonderful perspective check.