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At Passing On Wisdom, Inc. we passionately believe in the value and wisdom of America’s Senior Citizens. This fervent belief guides the goal of our company which is to positively affect how America treats one of its most precious resources, its Elders, by creating platforms that share their wisdom with and for future generations.

Whether that platform is a hand written letter, an audio clip from a family gathering, or a public speaking seminar at a local college or community center, Passing On Wisdom, Inc. strives to share the unique experiences that life provides in the hopes that our generations learn from and take with them a grain of sand that will someday turn into a pearl of wisdom.

Do you have experiences to share? Do you know something that will benefit our futre generations? Do you have a bit of culture stored away that deserves to be archived? Let us help you spread the word.  Let us help you share your experiences, guidance and knowledge.  Let us help you pass on the wisdom.