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Here you will find all of our most recent letters from our contributors. Our featured section will host the most recent ones to date, and all others may be viewed in the Archives section.

Our newest contributor, Ms. Carolyn Naylor from California, hopes that the lesson her dad taught her so long ago will be passed on for all of us to remember. Respect: it really is that simple.

A huge THANK YOU To Mr. Randy Horne hailing from Hawai’i! Your shared adventure is awesome, indeed, new friend. Mr. Horne hopes that his letter will inspire us all to be a little more kind to strangers, because you never know what you will find hidden in their souls.

We are proud to feature Ms. Carol Sartain in our first published letter at Passing On Wisdom, Inc. Ms. Sartain comes to us from California, and is fascinated by the way different cultures interact between generations. She hopes that her letter will stimulate an interesting discussion for the generations.