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Founder’s Message

To our Guests,

      Welcome, visitors, to a website and company that truly means so much to me. The entire concept for Passing On Wisdom, Inc. was born from an idea I had many years ago and my passionate belief in the value and wisdom of America’s Senior Citizens.   
      In the drawer of my nightstand I keep a composition book and pen.  Many ideas go into this notebook with the hope of one day circling back to them and further developing them as life permits. In this notebook, the idea for Passing On Wisdom sat for years, continuing to chew at me until finally, in June 2012, I took the steps to move it from an idea to a mission.
      I’ve long held the belief that Americans neither appreciate their Elders nor show them the honor and respect they deserve.  I also believe wisdom is not so much about an age but rather about living long enough to acquire knowledge. I feel we fail to take the time to listen and learn from our Elders to gain the wisdom they can impart. Hence, Passing On Wisdom Inc. and our archives of “Letters To A Future Generation.”
      Life can be a difficult journey and wisdom can provide some guidance as a roadmap. I have a deep-rooted appreciation for the time I was able to spend with my grandparents and the many interesting Senior Citizens I have met in my lifetime. I’ve listened carefully and been fascinated by the stories, knowledge, and wisdom of these amazing human beings. I believe strongly that this type of interaction can have very positive effects on younger generations.
      Thinking about the conversations my Grandpa Johnston and I had, I now realize how he valued every minute with his grandchildren and how he attempted to pass on the lessons he’d learned. At first it seemed like lecturing, but once I caught onto his strategy I started to really appreciate my time and talks with him. (His wedding ring is on my right hand, a gift handed down to me by his only son).  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the privilege of being able to communicate verbally with my father’s Italian parents because they spoke no English. I deeply regret this as I would have loved to learn more about them and their decisions, culture, life, and wisdom. I’ve also begun to think about the stories my parents have shared with me over the years and that those may be lost over time.  For these reasons I began this company…and my Mission!
      I truly thank you for visiting us. We welcome and invite you to share and contribute your thoughts to our mission in order to leave knowledge and wisdom for future generations.

Steven Lorenzo Tatone
President & Founder
Passing On Wisdom, Inc.