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Terms & Conditions

Passing On Wisdom, Inc. Terms & Conditions

All letters and stories remain the property of the artist who wrote or created them. By submitting a letter or story the artist may also be eligible for the publication or eventual publication of her or his work(s) by Passing On Wisdom, Inc.

Terms & Copyright (Author & and/or Passing On Wisdom, Inc.)

1. Passing On Wisdom, Inc. does not pay for submission nor for web publication of work(s).
a. Eventual publication outside of our website may include a fee at which time Passing On Wisdom, Inc. will contact the author.

2. We reserve the right to edit content

3. We also reserve the right to reject any contributions.

Copyright Issues
1. All letters and stories presented within and/or Passing On Wisdom, Inc. remain the intellectual property of the authors.

2. Regarding the above item 1., all letters and stories downloaded are not to be distributed without the author’s permission. Additionally, no letters nor stories are to be used by anyone other than the author for academic/publishing purposes.

3. and/or Passing On Wisdom, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the consequences of the publishing of any work submitted to us. We will assume that all work is original.

4. Any reproduction of this site in any form is a copyright infringement.

5. Any plagiarized work will be deleted immediately, and no future submissions from the supposed author will be accepted.

6. Any copyright infringement would be properly dealt with under current copyright laws.